Benefits of Outsourcing your books to a Bookkeeper

When you’re managing your own business, often the last detail you think about is bookkeeping.  Things like maintaining daily records of bank reconciliation and recording receivables can be tedious and overlooked.

This tedious work is accomplished within minutes with accounting software. However, outsourcing your bookkeeping needs can prove to be more advantageous.

Below are four top reasons why many prefer working with a third party bookkeeper:


Even with accounting software, basic accounting knowledge is necessary for correct recording. Financial statements are useless if they are not accurate. When filing and paying taxes, inaccurate financial statements can result in penalties. Remember, it is always the management’s responsibility to ensure that financial statements are correct, not the tax preparer.


Stakeholders use financial statements in decision making. For financial statements to be useful they must be timely. Businesses can lose customers and profits if a certain decision is not made within a specified period. By having a bookkeeper, business owners can request updated financial statements anytime they want. Modern tools enable your bookkeeper to reconcile bank transactions daily; they no longer need to wait for the month end statement to do it.

Time savings

When you outsource bookkeeping, you’re free to focus on other critical aspects of the business that increase profitability.

Cost effectiveness

Outsourcing is significantly cheaper than hiring an in-house bookkeeper. Hiring an employee means you’ll fork over the cost of employee benefits and payroll taxes. You eliminate such additional expenses when you outsource.

While there are fortunately several options for bookkeeping solutions, businesses ultimately have to decide what’s right for them. Outsourcing those needs is one option that results in increased accuracy and efficiency. Who wouldn’t want to be freed up to focus on what they do best?

If you need help with monthly bookkeeping, we’d love to help you! We offer support for new companies who need their books set up right from the start, as well as support for companies that have fallen behind on their bookkeeping. But our client’s favorite option is our all-inclusive package, in which Cleer does all your tax and bookkeeping!

Author Bio
David McKeegan
David McKeegan, the founder of Cleer.Tax is both an MBA and Enrolled Agent. As an entrepreneur and small business owner himself, he really understands the pain points that company owners and founders have in regards to tax compliance and having clean financial statements. What really differentiates David is his ability to distill complicated tax matters into layman’s terms, making the advice actionable and accessible to all.
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