We help startups take control of their financial futures.

Cleer provides accurate, affordable, and efficient bookkeeping and tax services for US businesses and subsidiaries to help entrepreneurs do it right from the start. Cleer was launched to newly-formed businesses needing bootstrapped tax and bookkeeping to fit their budget and growth stage, and has grown over 5 years, 5 continents, and 5,000 Clients. Our tech-forward team is more streamlined with our paperless process to provide next-level results for your startup. Cleer also offers Delaware Franchise Tax Annual Reports, tax consultations, representation, R&D Tax Credits and other specialty consulting and compliance services, based on the unique needs of your business.

No one starts their business thinking about their books and taxes.  They start with their dream.  The books and taxes are their nightmare.”​
- David McKeegan, co-founder​


This is who we are

A remote-first team with the HQ in the US, with team members located all around the world. We are a mission driven team.

David McKeegan
David McKeegan
Co-founder, CEO
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Crystal Stranger
Crystal Stranger​
Partner and Chief Operating Officer​
EA, NTPI Fellow​
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Lindsey Anderson
Lindsey Anderson
Business Manager​
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We’re obsessed with growth

Our mission is not only to eliminate the headache of books and taxes but also to transform these everyday necessities into exciting opportunities for growth. To make it happen, we follow these core values.

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Thousands of teams rely on us to deliver on-time financial data, protect them from risk, and provide vital insights for their businesses.


We help you keep pace in an ever-changing business environment thanks to our highly adaptable tech stack and expert tax team.


Your business is unique. We take the time to understand your needs and build customized tax solutions that meet your growth goals.


Results-driven experts. Tech-forward solutions.

We focus on long-term outcomes

To be successful, you need to think ahead. We’re committed to helping you identify the best tax and financial strategies that will fuel growth for years to come.

Adds immediate value

While tax and bookkeeping may not be traditional centers for growth, our transparent, flat-fee pricing makes it easy to get back more than you put in.

Forward-thinking accounting solutions

Our advanced tech stack provides the foundation for accurate, efficient taxes and financials—while keeping you ready for the next big thing.

Proven experience you can trust

When it comes to your financials, we know that nothing is more important than having a dedicated expert by your side, and our accountants are the best in the business.

A partner, not a provider

At Cleer, we build lasting relationships that follow you from seed to expansion. Our flexible model is designed to respond to your evolving needs throughout your startup’s journey.

Our Stats

We have a track record of success

5+ years

For over half a decade, helped entrepreneurs take care of their books and taxes.

5,000 clients

Thousands of startups, small, and growing businesses choose Cleer as their trusted financial partner.

5 continents

Teams from all over the world have used our next-gen accounting services to accelerate growth.

50 States

Our tax pros can assist C-Corps, S-Corps, and LLCs incorporated in states across the US.

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