We Do It For You

For companies with $5000 - $25,000 in monthly expenses and/or income


What’s Included?

  • Monthly Bookkeeping – using Xero software, we produce a monthly P&L and Balance Sheets ready to show investors in easy-to-read, customizable reports. We help with quarterly tax payments, and advise on any issues.
  • Fully Prepared Federal and State Taxes – our team analyzes your financials to prepare accurate, optimized tax returns. Your next year’s tax return is included.
  • Delaware Franchise Tax – Annual preparation and filing of this required report.
  • Year End Tax Planning Package – Access to one of our Tax Advisors who can help you strategize for next year and answer questions specific to your company.

In short, we do it for you!

Are you ready to focus on your business and let someone else take on the burden of your tax and accounting compliance?


We Do It For You







if billed annually



one time

For companies with $5000 - $25,000 in monthly expenses and/or income
A partner, not a provider

At Cleer Tax, we build lasting relationships that follow you from seed to expansion. Our flexible model is designed to respond to your evolving needs throughout your startup’s journey.


We have a track record of success

5+ years

For over half a decade, GBS has helped entrepreneurs take care of their books and taxes.

5,000 clients

Thousands of startups, small, and growing businesses choose GBS as their trusted financial partner.

5 continents

Teams from all over the world have used our next-gen accounting services to accelerate growth.

50 States

Our tax pros can assist C-Corps, S-Corps, and LLCs incorporated in states across the US.

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